Trail Conditions

Trail Master’s Report for Weekend Riding 12/15/18 & 12/16/2018
Just like George, we cannot tell a lie. We do have snow, a lot of it some places...other places...aaaaahhhh not so much. It's just that conditions are not consistent enough to have a good ride and not cause potential harm to your machine (or body). If you have an older beater-sled or work-sled and want to head out, trim some branches, move some limbs, have at it! But otherwise, we'd suggest waiting for the next storm system to pass...please don't drive 2 hrs to get here and ride...we don't want you to be disappointed. But there is snow on the ground and gates are open and we'll consider the trails as "open". (and before you ask, no the lake is not frozen and we'll never tell you if it's safe or not!)

Go north young man! Coos county seems to hold the jackpot on snow this weekend. We'll see you soon enough!