Trail Conditions

Trail Master's Report 1/21/2019
We've done a double shift today with Don earlier this morning and Eric this afternoon.  Eric is out right now (4:30pm).  Eric has done Talcott Trail 2x and he's headed down to the Lake Trail and Store Trail now.  Don did 24 and Corridor 8 (railroad tracks) earlier this morning.  According to the boys, the "trails are coming out great" and despite the cold, there are quite a few sleds out today.  You guys are hard-core sledders!!!
Just be careful guys, watch for blowing snow, drifts, and frostbite!
Trail Master's Report 1/13/2019
We went out and groomed 24 East, Talcott, and 150, and Poole Hill.  Trails saw A LOT OF PRESSURE which was awesome to see.  Keep speeds down as there are still random frozen waterbars (little dips, most are frozen, some are deep).  We need more snow to fill those in.  But overall, considering what we have, you can have a nice day out on the trails.  Enjoy and be safe.
Trail Master's Report 1/11/2019
As of today we've groomed the entire trail system, except Corridor 8 (tracks, not enough snow).  Some trails are as wide as the width of the drag or "one lane" and  some are "two lanes" meaning we've passed by twice.  We're leaving snow on the sides of the one-lane areas to pull snow into the trail tomorrow night to freshen things up for Sunday.  Know what we mean? 
Trail Master's Rating:  "Some areas are a 5...which includes some frozen water bars on 24.  Some lower areas of the Pemi Trail are thin in the woods.    A lot of areas are are solid 8.  Bring a camera with you; its' just plain beautiful out!" 
Thank you groomers for spending many hours cutting trees and getting in and out of the cab!  Thanks Don and Eric!
Please note that The Homestead is open for dinner only only Saturday.  You can get lunch on Saturday at Bridgewater Inn or Newfound Grocery.
Dress warm BMSC'ers, it's going to be a cold one! 
Trail Master's Report 1/9/2019
We have what we think is decent news: 24 hours and a different situation.  We have picked up another 4 to 5 inches of heavy wet snow and it's still coming down.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of trees hanging low; we need the wind to knock down the snow and cold to firm things up, which is coming. 
We are not going to groom today.  We will let this new snow settle on our recently groomed base.  Going to be really cold tonight, we will head out early am tomorrow and hit Pemi, Talcott, the new "Homestead Trail", and the Lake Trail first.  Then head for Village Trail (to Newfound Grocery), hopefully switch operators and hit the north side, 24, etc. 
No grooming today as snow is wet and we want (all the snow) on the ground to fill in holes, also need the wind to get snow off the trees (and land on the trails!). This will help greatly. 
Once the cold is here tonight and tomorrow and for the next several days, we'll have the best possible riding so far this season.  We thinks it's time come see us and ride local!
Trail Master's Report 1/4/2019
Local clubs to the north, east and south of us have announced they're open.  Here's the deal for us...we'll say we're not closed.  You can ride, the gates are open, and there are some good sections, ugly sections, and everything in between. 
Yes, you can ride, but use extreme caution.  The recent light snow is hiding hazards that are looking to ruin your day.  The worst of which is likely solid ice that has bubbled-up and froze...that means no brakes, steering, no traction, no safety!  Watch for water-bars and have REALLY LOW expectations. Like old school 70's snowmobiling expectations. 
We've NOT been out to survey the trails and we know there are a few trees down, but we're waiting to get the groomer out and address these trees while grooming.  If you see something small in the trail, please feel free to help out and clear it off the trial. 
We're not going to groom tonight or tomorrow...too warm and likely too thin.  You see, it's early season conditions are we just don't want to damage the equipment when we think good snow is right around the corner.  we may start to work on the trails Sunday night which marks the arrival of colder temps.  And...Tuesday may bring a reasonable storm so keep those fingers crossed! 


Trail Master’s Report 12/28/2018
So...not great news guys. We are just hoping that the rain for later today does not further erode the base. Almost every club south of Coos is pretty much in the same boat. You might get some riding at Bear Notch Road, and up at SDR and Pittsburg and a few other locations around the Presidential Mountains. We'll provide an update over the weekend if things change, but it appears that we'll be closed again this weekend.



Trail Master's Report 12/24/2018
Merry Christmas fellow BMSC'ers!

Sorry to report this guys, but we're still closed. We have some base, but nothing that would allow for safe or fun riding. We have some snow, and plenty of ice, dirt, and water. Yes, this truly stinks! We definitely need more snow to be open and maybe a few solid storms to get in shape.

We're very thankful to all of you members that have joined BMSC early to support our efforts to get the trails and equipment ready before the snow flies. Be patient, once the snow arrives, we'll work hard to make the trails great again!


Trail Master's Report 12/21/2018

Trails are considered closed at this time.  So far today we've received .5 inches of rain and 2" are possible once this weather event is over.  Please stay off the trails this weekend and until we report back.  There will likely be no riding this week south of Coos County and even that (Coos) may not be rideable as this rain even is covering the whole state.  Be patient, we're ready to get things in order for you guys.  We'll report back over the weekend.


Trail Master’s Report for Weekend Riding 12/15/18 & 12/16/2018
Just like George, we cannot tell a lie. We do have snow, a lot of it some places...other places...aaaaahhhh not so much. It's just that conditions are not consistent enough to have a good ride and not cause potential harm to your machine (or body). If you have an older beater-sled or work-sled and want to head out, trim some branches, move some limbs, have at it! But otherwise, we'd suggest waiting for the next storm system to pass...please don't drive 2 hrs to get here and ride...we don't want you to be disappointed. But there is snow on the ground and gates are open and we'll consider the trails as "open". (and before you ask, no the lake is not frozen and we'll never tell you if it's safe or not!)

Go north young man! Coos county seems to hold the jackpot on snow this weekend. We'll see you soon enough!