Bridgewater Mountain Snowmobile Club (BMSC) consists of 50 miles of trails in the Newfound Lakes region that travel through the beautiful Bridgewater NH mountains in the towns of Bridgewater, Ashland, Bristol, and Plymouth.

About Bridgewater Mountain Snowmobile Club

Bridgewater Mountain Snowmobile Club (BMSC) consists of 50 miles of trails in the Newfound Lakes region that travel through the beautiful Bridgewater NH mountains in the towns of Bridgewater, Ashland, Bristol, and Plymouth. The trails provide access to Ashland to the east (via Corridor 24), Newfound Lake to the south, and to the north-east, Plymouth and the railroad tracks leading north and south (Corridor 8). We pride ourselves on the quality and consistency of trail maintenance and grooming as well as frequent updates of current weather and trail conditions. We will display those real-time weather reports, photos, videos, and trail conditions on this site and our Facebook page.

The trail system offers several restaurants in Bridgewater, a convenience store and gas station as well as a full service snowmobile dealer. To the north in Plymouth and Rumney you'll find more restaurants and fuel and to the east in Ashland you'll also find restaurants and fuel.

Our trail system connects to other great local clubs; Hardy Country SC to the north following Corridor 24 to the western side of Newfound Lake into Hebron, Rumney and Dorchester Woods. Squam Trail Busters SC picks up on the east side of the Squam River following Corridor 8 to the east.

Thank you for visiting our site and we welcome you to join our club and ride our trails. We'll see you out in the mountains!

Bridgewater News and Announcements

Where to Park?

Newfound Grocery has ample parking...parking lot just south of the Bridgewater Power Plant...junction of Dick Brown Road and Poole Hill Road...maybe a truck or two at the Big Catch on the southern most point of Newfound Lake. 
At this point, Newfound Grocery has the biggest lot, has fuel and groceries, right next to Bridgewater Inn & Restaurant, and Outdoor Performance (Ski Doo Dealer) is right there too.  Can't go wrong!

Super Important Note:

We don't own the trails.  We don't have exclusive rights to use the trails.  If you see someone outside enjoying the trails on snowshoes, cross-country skis, mushing with their dogs, just know this...they are outside enjoying the trails just like you.  Be cautious, slow down, smile and wave.  If you happen to tell them to get off the trails or out of your way, just remember, there's a damn good chance you're yelling at the landowner.  That landowner has EXCLUSIVE rights to his/her land.  So if that happens again, like it did this week, you just might get the trail closed for good.  YOU'RE A GUEST, TREAT ALL TRAILS THAT WAY.  Smile, wave, and say thank you.  Carry on!

We're Riding this Weekend...Are You?

Many of you will arrive at local sled registration agents without a "VOUCHER NUMBER".  Do yourself and the registration agents a favor and sign up for Bridgewater Mountain Snowmobile Club online at home, on your own computer.  It will be MUCH EASIER.  You have a few days to get it done.   See the link below and the prior story with the video instructions on how to do this...IT'S EASY!  Thanks for joining BMSC!

How to Register Your Sled Video

Many riders are having difficulty registering their sleds this year with changes. Most important to know is that in order to get the NH discount, you need to join a club and we suggest doing that online.  The goal is secure your 2018-2019 voucher number.  Then bring that voucher number to your favorite registration agent and you’ll get your stickers at a discount.  We HIGHLY suggest you join a club on your computer at home, not on your phone.  Please watch our video in the link above for instructions.  It’s actually very easy.  Thanks for joining BMSC!

January BMSC Monthly Meeting 1/3/2019

We'll meet at the Homestead Restaurant Thursday 1/3/2019 at 7pm sharp.  Club members and public are welcome to attend.  See you there!

December BMSC Meeting & Christmas Party! - Keith @ 10:48 EDT

Where: Bridgewater Inn
When: 12/8/2018 at 6pm
What for: Club dinner party $15 per person including gratuity. Short meeting to follow.
What Else: Old School Yankee Swap. Gift item of $20 if you want to participate.

**Always great food and fun for everyone!

Please RSVP to:

How to Get Your BMSC Membership Online - Keith @ 07:02 EDT

Please head to our Facebook page to see our video. You need to get a voucher to register your sleds at a discount. Facebook is changing how our posts show in your feed, so please go directly to our page to watch the how-to video.